Sometimes, It’s a Zebra

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“Doctors are taught ‘when you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras,’ meaning a doctor should first think about what is a more common—and potentially more likely—diagnosis. When I first saw this little lamb out in the pasture with a swollen jaw and droopy demeanor, I thought of the horses. I immediately assumed she had a …Read More

2023 Waitlist for St. Croix Lambs

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Because of the HUGE demand, I have created a new Waitlist for St. Croix Lambs expected in 2023. These sheep have become so popular that breeders have been having difficulty keeping up. I get calls, emails, and Facebook messages several times each week from people looking for St. Croix sheep. In order to make my …Read More

Shepherds are the Best People

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During our short experience as farmers and shepherds, we have come to learn that hands down, shepherds are the best people.  We have traveled to visit several other sheep farms in Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, and most recently, Tennessee. In every case, our hosts have treated us with warmth and kindness, going out of …Read More