Butcher Lambs

butcher lamb roast

We offer our 100% grass fed St. Croix and crossbred butcher lambs from rotated, chemical-free pastures, so you will gain lots of health benefits including lots of B-12 and Omega-3. Customers can purchase butcher lambs by the whole or half. Lambs that are between 8-11 months old at the time of processing average 80 lbs live weight. Out of 80 lbs live weight you can expect to take home about 25 lbs for your freezer.

Custom Processed Lamb

Customers usually choose to have us deliver their lamb to a butcher after purchase. We prefer to use The Butcher Shoppe in Mercerville, Ohio but can deliver your lamb to any butcher within 40 miles for an additional fee. The butcher will cut to your specifications, vacuum pack, label, weigh, and freeze it. Customers are responsible for all fees associated with the butcher’s services.

Butcher Your Own Lamb

Customers can butcher their lambs on our property after purchase at no additional cost. We provide a roofed shelter, a set of gambrels, a table, running water, and a tub for offal disposal. We require customers to bring their own knives, cutting boards, ice, and coolers, and to bury the offal in the location we provide.

Please contact us for more information and current pricing. Order early to reserve your lamb as we have only limited quantities available each year.