Our St. Croix Rams

Our young St. Croix ram, Titan

St. Croix ram selection is the most important decision in a seedstock breeding program. This is because a ram has far more potential to change the genetics of a flock than a ewe. We will use three registered St. Croix rams in 2023 and will grow out at least one ram lamb from each as potential future sires. All our rams are tested annually for Johne’s Disease, caseous lymphadenitis (CL), and ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP).


Registration #15187 – Summit 1179 Jasper – born 06/25/2014 – Twin, White, Polled. He is a large, muscular, well-proportioned ram with excellent conformation. We have only one year’s worth of data on Jasper’s progeny, but they outgrew those of all the other sires’ lambs as a whole. He comes to us from Summit Farm‘s Yates Colby, who bred and raised these sheep with an eye for early growth and correct conformation for many years before moving to Dorpers. We have retained several of his daughters and a son, MFO 2312 Langgan, who is being leased for the 2023 fall breeding season by our partner farm, Trillium Family Farms.


Registration #15856 – Ebenezer 1012 of 737 – born 03/04/2018 – Single, White, Polled. He is a muscular St. Croix ram with excellent conformation and good feet. He consistently produces lambs that exhibit the best parasite resistance when compared to lambs sired by our other rams. He comes to us from Ebenezer Farm‘s Eddie Martin, one of the most recognized names in the St. Croix Hair Sheep community, who has been breeding these sheep almost as long as they have been available in the U.S.A.  We have retained several of his daughters, used his son, Titan, in 2021 before he was killed in an accident, and will retain another of his sons in 2024.


Registration #16746 – GJF 628 Patton – born 05/26/2020 – Twin, White, Polled. This St. Croix ram is incredibly stylish, with excellent length of body and a clean, trim middle. He sheds clean and has a flashy, handsome appearance. He is the product of Matt Morgan’s breeding program at Grace & Joy Farms in Kentucky, another founding flock in the breed. Patton just joined our flock this year, and we are excited to see how his lambs perform.