Christmas Special on Reserved 2024 St. Croix Lambs

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Ho-Ho-Ho! If you want lambs next year, don’t miss out on our Christmas Special. Those who reserve 2024 lambs with a deposit will enjoy substantial savings.

So What’s the Special?

First, we will cover the cost of each lamb’s registration and transfer fees. This represents a savings of $16 per lamb.

Second, as our special Christmas gift to those who are new to St. Croix sheep, we will also pay for your first year’s membership dues with St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders (SCHSB). This will save you another $25.

Example: You reserve your starter flock of five ewe lambs and a ram lamb, and you are a new SCHSB member. If you reserve before January 4, you will save $121!

Don’t Wait!

This offer expires January 4, 2024 and quantities are limited, so contact us now to reserve your lambs. We will only accept reservations for a total of 18 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs. This is because we need wiggle room in case we have lots more ram lambs than usual, and to account for lambs that must be culled due to poor performance or conformation.

Christmas Year-Round

We want to encourage fellow St. Croix breeders to use data to help select the best breeding stock. To help, we will give a $50 rebate to anyone who buys our sheep, joins NSIP, and submits data for at least 10 lambs that are the progeny of at least one of our sheep (dam or sire). This offer has no expiration date (yet), but we wanted to post it alongside our Christmas Special.