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Our Farm was Featured in Farm and Dairy!

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Sarah Donaldson contacted me by email on March 3rd this year, requesting a visit so that our farm could be featured in Farm and Dairy. She said “I heard about your farm through the Livestock Conservancy a while ago – it sounds like you’re doing some interesting work with preserving heritage breeds…” Obviously, I feel …Read More

Katahdin Project

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I added a new project to the farm this week: Registered Katahdin sheep. This is an idea I have toyed with for the last two years.  My St. Croix are still my priority, and that will not change. I am dedicated to preserving the breed. However, I also recognize the value of a heavier meat …Read More

Win Some, Lose Some

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Farming isn’t always fun. Sometimes, it’s really sad. Yesterday was one of those days where you win some, you lose some. Our Myotonic goat herd took one step forward and one step back. Win Some I had a nice surprise when I arrived in the goat barn for morning chores. Elly May kidded overnight. She …Read More

Shepherds are the Best People

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During our short experience as farmers and shepherds, we have come to learn that hands down, shepherds are the best people.  We have traveled to visit several other sheep farms in Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, and most recently, Tennessee. In every case, our hosts have treated us with warmth and kindness, going out of …Read More

Our 2022 Workday Workshops

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Each year, we offer workshops focused on sheep care. This year, we are exited to announce that we are hosting a series of workshops beginning May 21. All our workshops are hands-on learning opportunities. Participants will practice the skills we teach using some of our own stock. As an added bonus, participants have the option …Read More

WinnieBean is a Mommy!

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Best Birthday EVER! I got the best Birthday present ever! On 2/22/2022, WinnieBean had her kids; two little bucklings. This is especially exciting because she was our bottle baby and has never fit in with the rest of the herd. We decided to breed her even though she is a crossbred Myotonic-Pygmy so that we …Read More