Shepherds are the Best People

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Tennessee shepherds are the best

During our short experience as farmers and shepherds, we have come to learn that hands down, shepherds are the best people.  We have traveled to visit several other sheep farms in Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, and most recently, Tennessee. In every case, our hosts have treated us with warmth and kindness, going out of their way to make us feel welcomed and appreciated. We have enjoyed long conversations about sheep, farming, and life in general on porches, in barns, along fences, in living rooms, and over shared meals.

Our recent trip to a farm owned by Ramyar and Vanessa Baradari was no exception. We travelled to their farm just outside of Greeneville, Tennessee. The Baradari’s just moved to the area 2 1/2 years ago from Washington. They asked us to deliver two crossbred ewes to them. These will be the first of many sheep to be added to their farm. Ramyar is a fellow member of St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, Inc. He previously owned a small flock of St Croix Hair Sheep before moving, and is anxious to rebuild a flock on the new farm.

Y’all … Tennessee is beautiful and Ram and Vanessa are gracious hosts. Dogwoods and daffodils are already blooming there. We hung out chatting for a couple of hours next to their garden after touring their farm and pasture. Meanwhile, their two young children played nearby. When we realized how late it had become, we decided it was time for dinner. We all drove to a local pizzeria for a shared meal, their treat! Like I said … shepherds are the BEST people!

I wonder where we will travel next, and what shepherds will meet.