WinnieBean is a Mommy!

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WinnieBean and kids

Best Birthday EVER!

I got the best Birthday present ever! On 2/22/2022, WinnieBean had her kids; two little bucklings. This is especially exciting because she was our bottle baby and has never fit in with the rest of the herd. We decided to breed her even though she is a crossbred Myotonic-Pygmy so that we can keep one of her kids. That way, she will always have a friend.

We were worried …

Honestly, we were a bit worried that she would not be a good mommy. However, we have been pleasantly surprised. Not only did the birth occur without any complications, she is a very attentive mom. In fact, she is so cautious that she has refused to venture more than 20 feet from the barn with them! The event was a little hectic, though, because crazy Hazel tried very hard to steal the babies. She was even trying to nurse them. I had to intervene and move the babies and WinnieBean to their own stall, much to Hazel’s dismay.

Why wether the kids?

Since she had two boys, we will be wethering both. That means neither will be able to reproduce, which is a good choice since they are crossbreds. There are lots of reason to wether goats and keep them around. This article breaks it down. We are keeping the kid with frosted ears and tail because he looks so much like WinnieBean. We’ve named him Mister Twosday to mark the occasion. Because we are wethering him, he can stay at WinnieBean’s side for good, eliminating her loneliness forever!

A local family has already claimed the other little guy, whom we call Little Jack. He will go to his new home in about three months after weaning along with one of our other wethered kids. The family is excited to add pet goats to their family.

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