Our Myotonic Bucks

myotonic bucks

We own two Myotonic Bucks in 2022, who will help us produce both standard size goats and pet miniature goats. Both our bucks are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry, so we can register all our kids as well. We expect our bucks to be friendly, so they can pass that trait to their offspring. Luckily, both are extremely friendly and almost demand a good scratch at every feeding.

Heavenly Hill Farm Witch Doctor MK2 – Reg# E6065 – DOB 9/24/2020

Myotonic Buck - Doc

“Doc” came to us from Mackenzie & Philip Jurek’s farm in Minnesota. Doc is our primary herd sire, so we have put him over most of our does in the hopes of producing improved replacement does.

We purchased him in 2021 while at the Buck Creek Classic in Corydon, Indiana. Doc won Junior Champion Buck in Show #1, 3rd Place in Show #2, and 4th Place in Show #3. We took Doc to the MGR Fall Finale as a yearling. He did not perform as well, placing last in his class. However, the judges all said the same thing: he has excellent breed character and a nice frame, but he needs more groceries. This was our first time showing on our own, so we are not discouraged by the results. This was a fantastic learning experience. We know that we need to give our show goats a little more to eat so they look spiffy next show season!

Narcoleptic Billy’s Smoke Shaman MFO – Reg#E8583 – DOB 04/21/2021

Myotonic Buck - Smokey

We bought “Smokey” from William Buchanan in Stamping Ground, Kentucky in August 2021. Smokey’s job is to produce doe kids that we can register as miniature Myotonic goats. According the rules, we can’t do that until they reach three years of age. At that time they have to be no more than 21″ tall. We will watch Smokey’s development over the next two years and hope we can register him as a mini as well.