2023 Waitlist for St. Croix Lambs

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2023 WaitlistBecause of the HUGE demand, I have created a new Waitlist for St. Croix Lambs expected in 2023. These sheep have become so popular that breeders have been having difficulty keeping up. I get calls, emails, and Facebook messages several times each week from people looking for St. Croix sheep. In order to make my life easier, and to keep everyone in line in order, I decided to create a more official waitlist process. I am asking those who are serious about getting our sheep to pay a small $20 fee to secure a spot on the waitlist. This helps to limit the number of tire kickers, bargain hunters, and impulse buyers. I, like many of my fellow breeders, want the best of these sheep to go to people who intend to continue the work of preserving and improving the breed. Commercial crossbreeding and homestead flocks certainly have their place and worth, but my best sheep will be reserved for those who share the goal of preservation.

Don’t Wait!

If you are serious about getting these sheep, do not wait until later to secure your spot on a waitlist. The sheep will not become more plentiful as time passes, and the waitlists will continue to grow. Even if you decide to buy your sheep elsewhere, get on a list now! Ewe lambs often sell out before they even born or soon thereafter. If you wait, you probably won’t find any registered stock for another season.